All-Time Favorite Travel Bag


The most practical budget travel bag I have ever come across. No fancy bells and whistles. Durable. Budget or no budget. Ebags eTech 2.0 Weekend Convertible Junior

The backpack straps hide away when you want to check your bag in. Although, I’ve only used it as a carry on. Maybe checked it in once. This bag can hold A LOT. The two inner straps work to clip and cinch you belongings. Paired with the outer compression cinch straps you can really get the bag tight for when it’s on your back for easier transport. The zippered mesh panel is perfect for odds n ends, socks, underwear. The large front pocket with various little nooks and crannies is perfect for more random junk to fit. I have the green one. I’ve had it for years and it’s traveled to various countries. When it’s not completely jam packed, it actually fits under the seat.

Sure, it’s not the sleekest design or the prettiest but it can take a beating and at this price it’s an easy investment that will save you tons of worry and frustration.





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